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Globex 11-03-08

Morning gang! first things first... order to sell 973.25
I always believed wed have a much better rally the last couple trading sessions than what we got! My cycle on the daily chart would seem to indicate trending higher to what.. the 6th maybe? im just scared to death we go down some first ( 15 min bars and closing ticks thursday) ... But thats why i dont like to look at the longer term too much.. it influences me too much.. and theres too much room for error.
SEE , ill say this then ill shut up for a while . The market is like a book to me .. every page loded with information. every paragraph , every sentence, every word(every bar , every tick) Well never be able to figure it all out, because were just humans after all, but if we pay attention she telegraphs what she wants to do more than most would admit.
[quote]Originally posted by koolblue

One last little' gift' . remember the 45 day cycle that did so much on july 15 and sept 18? SHES COMING AGAIN AROUND THE 13TH -17TH OF THIS MONTH! SO even if we keep screaming upward ... keep that in mind! the 120 day(lastseen july 15 should somewhat mute it
but remember, its still a bear market!
Going out for java ..see ya soon on the es thread!
Kool - Using your technique of timing swings/cycles so far up 10.75 points :-) You da man!

Just have to nail the top as i am getting out a little early.

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