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ES 11-03-08

watching or waiting for kool to show up
Kool where do you usually put your stops?
oh oh lowered my stop to 969.00
dam cycle!
usually 3 to 3.5 handles
stopped ...loss of 1 now up 11
hey guys.. i been reading about kools methods the whole weekend and today is the first day i am folowing this thread and making my own predictions based off kools teachings.

Kool i got the same low around 1:07 as you.. and now i am seeing a peack at 2:45 area, would that be correct?

I got this 2:45 from the low at 11:18 and the recent low at 1:00... should i be using the low at 11:18 or the low at 10:32? to predict the next peak..

thanks so far for all the help with your topic on trade2win
well, not my best call... looks like the cycle came 2 min early at 1:05
maybe , but the 5 min chart says 11:25 to 12;55 ...follow?
more like 2:25 or 2:30ish... see it?
ok ok i see what you are talking about with those lows... I was only looking at the 3 minute chart...

how often do you switch back and forth between timeframes?
and no...I didnt get long...but I wish I had
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