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ES 11-03-08

watching or waiting for kool to show up
thank you!
glad to see you do it too. I had to because my charts on scottrade suck, i have to keep refreshing them AND it is not possible to count ahead with the crossairs... doing it by time is a lot easier to i think
much faster, especially a long cycle like over 20 or 30 bars
well 964.25, close enough to claim victory , right?
when you get time, can you please explain how you got the 964 number.

if i'm posting to much/asking to many questions let me know haha...i am just excited about this trading style and trying to learn it hands on...

i appreciate what you are doing kool
5 min chart 11:55 the highest peak around is 972.50, then it goes down to 969.25 before all the big ups and downs (none of which touch 972.50 again(which would invalidate or cancel the projection. do the math
And a nice little bounce off of it i see.
well, gang ,have to take my son to court for a deposition in a min, so thats it for me today ..up 11. But i should be around most all tomorrow! Good luck to all!
Thanks Kool. Have a good day.
nice job and thanks for the help..

i am going to try and post a chart in trade2win tonight with how i thought about the day ie how i got my projections from choosing peaks to peaks and lows to lows to see if my logic is on track...
and no...I didnt get long...but I wish I had
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