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ES 11-03-08

watching or waiting for kool to show up
Kool I’ve noticed some people look at singles differently here but the only ones that I have that have been confirmed are from 10/28 and is at 912.25. I don’t refer to range extension as a single
I cant believe i missed by one tick!(again) the actual proj was 959.75 or so i thought!
nice call kool

also 77.75 touched upper trendline.. shorted once u posted mini peak and covered for 3 pts gain


Personally , the 15 min chart from friday late was telling me 924-926 but withthis market anything could happen! cycles SHOULDbe up for a dy or 3 but then comes the influence of that dam 45 day cycle . who knows!
100% IB on the downside is at 949.50 and there is the VAL at 957 just above the 50% IB at955.75 as Priest noted it earlier
oops sorry Prest not Priest
YEAH, good for you , iwas too late cause of the post(by the way that cycle appeared on two different places)
wow triangle broke to the upside..

current proj. (1 min) is 972.68
if it hits at 10:55 10:59 (next 2 peaks ) ill sell it!
and no...I didnt get long...but I wish I had
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