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ES 11-03-08

watching or waiting for kool to show up
thx, Benny!
the only issue i have had with the refreshers is that i you type to slow and have the pages refresh too fast,,,,the message your typing gets cleaned off the page too. I just type terribly sloooow and have to turn it off and thats only a few mouse clicks. trust me it beats trying to refresh all your darn pages even the ones in the backround
So Benny, how do i set the time to refresh? or is it automatically at the minimum?
On 1 min chart 11.27
on fox ...right click and you'll see reload every > and has the setting there
Originally posted by Benny

on fox ...right click on the page and you'll see reload every > and has the setting there

thx pal
i think 10 sec should be good
i use ten also, u just need to remember to go to the next page when current is full, and the typing slower than the refresh thing i mentioned above. reallt easy to shut it off for a few sec if u need to IMO
oh and don't forget to turn it back on....been there too and wondered WTF is going on,,,, nobody here??

YW Kool
and no...I didnt get long...but I wish I had
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