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ES 11-03-08

watching or waiting for kool to show up
all the time! every couple min sometimes!
i get 20 bars from those to times..

i cant count ahead on my scottrade chart bar wise so i have to do it by time... so 20bars * 5(because 5 minutes=1bar) so thats 100 minutes or 1hour40minutes which gives me 2:40 as the peak...

what am i doing wrong that i am not getting the same peak as you.
oops , just saw it , ur right!
now do you just wait for the peak at 2:45 to come? or are there mini cycles that will show up
theres two low near each other at about the same price! thats why ..were probably both right !
mini cycles on the i min chart will appear to narrow it down to almost the exact min!
hey we never hit my 964 minimum yet... stay tuned!
is it possible to predict a low at 2:32 by doing the peak from 11:59 and the recent peak of 1:14? that gives us 26bars..??
Wanna know a secret,SJ? I NEVER COUNT BARS EITHER!.. TAKES TOO LONG! I USE TIME, cause its much faster and its the same thing!
CMON! wheres my 964? quit playin around and just do it! (you know u want to!)
and no...I didnt get long...but I wish I had
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