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ES 11-06-08

Coming into the session basically flat...watching
I see a proj down around 915. Kool, do you see that?
crude @ LOD, -6% and an equities headwind again today
STILL THINK WE'LL GET TO 942.75 OR SO .. AT LEAST I HOPE! BY THE WAY MY BOLL BANDS ARE AT 15 PERIOD, 2.75 DEVIATIONS .. i rest them every few weeks as volitility changes so they fit most of the price spikes..
weekly PP = 925.50
by the way i was stopped at 933.50, would have bailed earlier but too busy posting! proj i gave earlier is now negated of course.... Yeah,Margie i see it! On the globex thread i gave 921.75, and 908 i believe as very 'doable'
YOU GUYS CHECK OUT MY MARKET UPDATE under the trading strategies forum? Since the closing ticks over 800 came into play weve gone from 1008.50 to 930 ...78 handles so far! AND the whole rest of the world was bullish ,remember?
Originally posted by VOwater

weekly PP = 925.50

VO is this using all session numbers I have 928.25 for the ES for RTH only
yes Benny
ok thnx
& thanks again for browser refresh...awesome!

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