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ES 11-12-08

margie...go look at the beautiful ABC that played (playing) out from globex
Originally posted by Cjo

Red, Thx for trying!


I never trade off a projection only; it must be confirmed.

your welcome
yes margie! entry was the 68.75 bar. 1st target was 72.25 2nd 74.25 and then 76.75
thats on a 610T...I got shaken out for nickles but you good traders made some
I made nothing :(
Vo, what is your confirmation to get in?
in this case, the bar that closed above 68.50 which they were nice enough to close at 68.75
why that bar?...because if you look at the 11:07 bar its high was 68.50 we had no CLOSES above that until the 68.75
so above the latest high in the b?
long above the previous bars high on a CLOSE...your stop is below the this case buy 1st close above 68.50 with stop 1 tick below low or 64.75
margie I pulled up a 512 cause I know you said that is as big as you can get. It is a little bit different, however the wide range bar that closed at 68.50 would have been your trigger

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Time will tell
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