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ES 11-12-08

margie...go look at the beautiful ABC that played (playing) out from globex
my next 15m is 51
my next 15m is 51

I have been short since yesterday evening 911 and still holding on. Sometimes i try to scalp instead of swing trade but i fail to make points as i do in swing trade, maybe something on my end usually how many points do you guys make on your short trades in a day and how many contracts on an avg? I am trying to figure out which is profitable taking into account brokerage costs as well.

wsj...more power to you brother...I wished I could do that
same here that's awesome
I upped the amt of contracts per trade & run at the first sign it it going against me. Today is not the day to be brave.
red 38 is not that far away
Since 1054 est you coukld have traded off the upper & lower bollinger bands in the tigh range we had. The last couple of minutes the lower band was almost pointing straight down.I went short off of the middle band.
Thank you guys, you all are very kind. Sometimes find it very difficult to control emotions with all these points floating around (at times remember running away from the computer lol) i keep on adjusting the trailing stop. Thanks to Kool for his projections especially the ones where we will be hitting the lows by 14th of this month..
Originally posted by VOwater

red 38 is not that far away

Yea; we have a low from 10/24 @ 40.25 in that area
You know me always trying to confirm

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Time will tell
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