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ES 11-12-08

margie...go look at the beautiful ABC that played (playing) out from globex
covered at 59
good for you Jack, somebody needs to get some today
VIX up 4.20 = 65.64 & VXN up 3.55 = 64.38 both have been moving back up. When in the 70's is when we had the 700 point down days.
margie you in?
move your stop to BE
872.75 off 5 min chart
1st 70.75
I took a few points going down and up and got out
on my chart bar close at 63.50 was long entry and stop was 60.75...I always move my stop up when Im that instance it worked out to my benefit but usually Im shaken out with small profit while good traders make all the handles
I get so nervous when I am in. I just take the money and run.

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Time will tell
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