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ES 11-12-08

margie...go look at the beautiful ABC that played (playing) out from globex
my trigger was the bar that closed at 68.75 - a difference in the tick charts
we are in another ABC 1st is 80.25
entry was 72.75
Thanks for the help, Vo. you understand what I was trying to say...after reading it over I dont think I explained very well
wow...all those sellers at S1 kung fu'd us back to the other side of the range
we have been in a 12 pt range for 3 hrs
Yes, I understand after I looked at the charts closely, but I do not know how you get your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd targets on the final leg.
you gots to put a fibonacci on your tools you have a fibo trend based price extension lines tool. click on A then on B and then C and it will put them in automatically
Perfect, thx

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Time will tell