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Globex 11-20-08

well they gap it down...what could we expect
already filled it i see
kool my data shows no...12.25 close - 11.75 H
well the cash 02 lows = 768...the question is do we break it?
wow, just went short 809.75 filled at 808.50 for a quick 57 bucks after commissions. ... The answer to that question (768) is on the chart i posted. If we cant mount a rally soon (maybe from 796-7 or 789) then i think thats what happens next. We HAVE to take out that 918 level or its a legit projection . Ill have to do the math again but i think it came to something like 766 or so
HEY, VO, check out the post i just put up on trading strategies...the reverse cycles. It worked really well today.
will do
I just put up another chart from today, the opposite, picking a bottom. This time the 5 min chart. Iknow this gets hard to get used to, but after a month or so of practice it all becomes 2nd nature. After all, id say you picked up on the price proj thing quickly, and your calls are equal to OR BETTER than mine! LOL
thanks kool...the price projections are nothing more than picking H/L's...on another note I wonder what the over under should be on HK when it opens?...down +/- 5%, I will book for any takers
ooh...they had the courtesy to fill gap finally
man, that 812-813 is brutal so far!(sorry
Originally posted by redsixspeed

I got an interesting projection this morning to the
upside 1005.50. All others were in the 800 & low 900


My apology for not being clear on my first post that this proj.
was a long range 90min.

The last 90min. projection I had was to the
downside low to 838.50 and it was the next day I belive for that
to hit.... Don't know if that is how this one will play out alot
of resistance to plow thru.

When I run them in the morning I'll see if I get confirmation.
Kool has a number in that same area.

Maby some computer guru could tell me if the software had
detected buying pressure entered the market.