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Globex 11-20-08

well they gap it down...what could we expect
Originally posted by VOwater

kool i wouldnt disagree but when I read his post it sounded like that was 1 of his daily projections, which would seem very improbable...and I guess I lied because if we got that kind of action I would be surprised

The 1005.50 is off a 90min time frame. What got
my attention is I haven't ran a proj. over the
800 low 900 range for so long. This stuck out like
a sore thumb.
LOL, saved by price proj which clearly said 795.50, so i moved my stop to 795.00, so far no hit!
wow, getting real lucky, on an impulsive trade! Now 1 min proj is 801.25 minimum and then 807! ill exit 801.00
5 min proj is also 807.00
this 5 min bar should be the low!
#$34... stopped at 795.00..loss of 3.25... now up 1.25 on the day
covering from 792.00 at 804.25 2.25, got some back any way... up 3.5 and watching...
obviously, buys,even scalps are very risky in this market.. next good opp. is around 786-7 but its too close to the open for me ... c ya after on the ES thread!
Originally posted by redsixspeed

I got an interesting projection this morning to the
upside 1005.50. All others were in the 800 & low 900


My apology for not being clear on my first post that this proj.
was a long range 90min.

The last 90min. projection I had was to the
downside low to 838.50 and it was the next day I belive for that
to hit.... Don't know if that is how this one will play out alot
of resistance to plow thru.

When I run them in the morning I'll see if I get confirmation.
Kool has a number in that same area.

Maby some computer guru could tell me if the software had
detected buying pressure entered the market.
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