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Globex 11-20-08

well they gap it down...what could we expect
gap at 804 on the one minute...will be my first target if we get a lower open and push down first
Bruce, you got the vol. figures yet?
i posted them last night but they are way off these levels...I don't include overnight for those but if I did 801 - 804 would be in there
others are very close to LVA and POc
THX, see ya in 20 min
Originally posted by redsixspeed

I got an interesting projection this morning to the
upside 1005.50. All others were in the 800 & low 900


My apology for not being clear on my first post that this proj.
was a long range 90min.

The last 90min. projection I had was to the
downside low to 838.50 and it was the next day I belive for that
to hit.... Don't know if that is how this one will play out alot
of resistance to plow thru.

When I run them in the morning I'll see if I get confirmation.
Kool has a number in that same area.

Maby some computer guru could tell me if the software had
detected buying pressure entered the market.
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