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Globex 11-24-08

Interesting open, negating current downside projections. Short one at 801.25,3 point stop...hoping to fill the gap
thinking we make our way up to the 837 level over the next few day(s) then im putting on some puts
GOOD play, watch out for the daily bar tho(saying 904)
im thinking we pull back to say, 768 or so ,then optimisim over Obamas economic team takes over and we slowly work our way higher for a few days
yeah I see that kool...I also see that descending triangle breakdown area, which tells me that it should fail. If I get any sell signal the puts go on
Yeah,Vo, 'the kiss of death' i commented on that pattern many times! Remember back in Aug? Same thing , we break down from a triangle (or wedge or flag)and go back up to the original boundry line only to fail! Deadly pattern!
kool ive got a 60m proj to 815...FWIW i was supposed to get long at 801 but chose not to...figures
I have the same proj. 815, then 837.50
S1 is at 816.50...kool you have to play the pattern the way your supposed to...sometimes they fail and thats what stops are for, if it fails I lose a little, if it plays out I win big
stopped out of my 799.50 up 1.25... order to buy 800.25
long [email protected] 800.25, just covered one at 802.00,plus 1.75,now up 3.0 on the session holding the other ...stop at 799.00
Originally posted by koolblue

current 1 min proj is 784.75,unless 803.75 is touched again

short [email protected] 796.50,covered at 793.50, plus 6 total. I see the proj was hit this morning! GETTIN SOME SHUT-EYE, SEE YA AT 10:00 OR SO!