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Globex 11-24-08

Interesting open, negating current downside projections. Short one at 801.25,3 point stop...hoping to fill the gap
Have to go. See you in the AM. Have a profitable evening. Jack S.
now we just negated the last upside proj. because we broke 97.25, but made a new downside to 96
cover+ @ 795. night guys
opps +3
Can we update a web-page automatically so that then we can follow Globex trades as soon as they are posted.
ak1 there is software that auto refreshes your this what your asking?
ak1 - If it has rss feeds than subscribe to it if not then maybe you can use firefox web browser (which i use) and install reload every extension so it gets refreshed automatically.
Could you show me how to do it
ak1 I downloaded software for IE that auto refreshes from a link that someone posted a few ago weeks in the thread. Unfortunately, I have no idea what software it is. Maybe someone can post a link or google it.
Originally posted by koolblue

current 1 min proj is 784.75,unless 803.75 is touched again

short [email protected] 796.50,covered at 793.50, plus 6 total. I see the proj was hit this morning! GETTIN SOME SHUT-EYE, SEE YA AT 10:00 OR SO!
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