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Grand Scheme of things

ES and YM

ES: As long as 1177 is not surpassed look at all rallies as great opportunities to go short.

YM: As long as 10725 is not suprassed look to go short.

TF: you figure it out.

As daytraders this may not help, but you know the overall trend along with the weekly pivot. Weekly pivot guides you up or down...simple KISS.

April 2009 and I know the date too..... is an important time like Feb 2007, March 2008.

I'm still looking for one more drop to scare the geez out of all the gurus and 650 on ES and 6,800-6,500 on YM.

Now this is my prediction and I may be wrong...If it is to happen should occur in Dec 8-20 time frame.

The trading style reminds me of something big to happen...

But the above 50% you can't go wrong.

If you really notice every week ES, YM and TF are making 50% retracements or pullbacks all the time....physics not PEG ratio. me that's another scotch.

Good luck in trading

Uncle Remus from HollyWOOD

Interesting analysis, PIPS! GOOD JOB!
Hey Koolblue,

I was on vacation for all December and some on Nov...back in the New Year.

Tks for the words. But, your educational topics are way more than I follow and are very interesting to all here as you have a burgeoning fan club.

My style of trading is diferrent, but nonetheless....your knowledge is invaluable.

As, all can see the 6,800-6,500 or the 650 did not come to pass.

If I am correct, After March, but especially April...ok April 19 it should go down trend till July ( have to confirm till July). Then we may see the 6,800-6,500 on dow and 650-550 S&P 500.

There is another low in 2011. My guess is there will be a rally maybe sometime after July 2009. However, If I am correct we will see 3,500-3,000 in the Dow and 350 on the S&P 500 come 2011. REVERSION TO THE MEAN. 16-18 YEARS OF SIDWAYS STARTING IN 2000 ( Just like 1966-1982). All the Buy and HOLd will be toast and give up when they should be getting their feet wet in 2011!!!!

Commodities is where the money will be made in the next 6 years. I will be loading up on Eurodollar, Orange Juice, gold, silver, Oil ( still time...want an nsc), CAD, GBP ( not as yet),copper and a few others. Grains work wonderful every year. Trying to figure out cattle.

The interest rate in Britain is the lowest it's been since 1684 or 1694??!!! Man, Buy LOW SELL HIGH.....

Intraday of course is micro and the best thing is to trade the weekly pivot for beginners.

As most are intraday traders here...50% pullbacks are always there from weekly highs and lows. Daily is even better.

The US banking system is insolvent. The Gov't may Nationalize the banks...I mean Bank of America want some more billions. Their market cap is only 40 billion. The Governtment should buy all the Major banks, instead of giving them Trillions. Nationalization will happen in my opinion....but maybe not so soon. After all, the system is bankrupct. What did Franklin Roosevelt say about "chance happening."?

This is why I think the 3,500 on the Dow and 350 on the S&P 500 will come to pass in 2 years....

So many opportunities....are before us now. Hey, I should talk to Bernie Madoff and ask him how he got $50 Billion and never made a trade!! You can learn a lot from him!!

"Don't be dazed and confused in 2009." Put on some "one nation under a groove" and see how " The crade will rock." trading commodities and the like.

Good luck and then some.
It so funny how so many mutual/hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, just funds in general on Wall Street, Bay, Fleet and rest of the world have lost Trillions.

These "EDUCATED BUFFONS" have NEVER TRADED A FUTURES CONTRACT. Before you ever give your money away to anyone....if they never traded a futures contract...stay away.

Even the Newbie has got more balls than those Wharton and Harvad MBA's.

This is TRILLION DOLLAR ADVICE to any Fund around the world and also the retail investor.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER invest your money with someone who has NEVER TRADED A FUTURES CONTRACT!!!


Musically- "Free your MIND and your ASS will follow."

Interpretation: "Futures direction = profit." One is your mind the other is your action via your ass!!!

That is "character" and "integrity" over greed and fraud. With this mindset you can always make money. Pity the American politburo did not seem to get it.

Trade well sleep well.

My numbers came up much ealier than I what you see not what you think.

First, I thought 6,800-6,500 and 650/550 would happen by Dec 08 then rebound/rally then crash after April 09. Second was rally till April 09 then crash to 6,800/6,500 and 650/550 ( YM and ES).

The Channel and the stooping line told me we would get to this earlier.

This tells me we are worse than a Great Depression ( soups lines not here yet, but job lines are. The soup lines/robbery/violence etc will come before 2011). Yes welcome to USSR but in America. Marx is alive and well just disguised!!! Serfdom is alive and well thanks to Ronald Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama. His Advisers are from the same crooked school of Wall Street. They call it "F*c* em and Run" the most important course in MBA schools especially at our esteemed schools. They never teach, character, integrity, country before your sorry A**.

The YM and ES or the cash index Dow and S&P 500 will get back to 1981-1979 levels...there is no escaping this. 3,500 and then 1,000 and ES 350 and then 150. Maybe in 2009-2011. Japan is back to 1981 on the Nikkei, so will America!! I love all the people thinking this is a buying opportunity...fools listening to educated academic fools running funds.

I would emigrate to anywhere else till 2016 lest you get shot or robbed as those jobs lines will turn to soup lines and the only way to make a living will be to join a's coming, thanks to your government. If crooks like Madoff, Greenberg ( AIG) the whole Wall Street lot and Gov't cabal does nothing to the same jokers that caused the mess, what do you expect will happen to common folk when they are starving and have kids to be feed, no place to sleep...millions of them!! California will have an exodus like mid 70's or worse.

Tell Arnie "I'll never be back."

My own prediction is Buffet is going to start selling all his shares in the next bear rally. I do not know why he did not sell out in 2000 or in 2007...maybe the gov't got a hold on him...not to sell. Either I'm horribly wrong or Buffet has miscalculated only 1 in his lifetime and Kondratieff-his body somewhere in Siberia- has finally got him.

BTW, where is that celebrity, the best central banker ever....Alan Greenspan. Send him to the LA prison for an economics course and a "character and integrity" course. He can either learn the information from the front or the back. It won't take him 20 years to get the point ( 87-07).

It really is sad how so many people believe have hope....with all the wrong people.

America is F*ck*d and so is most everywhere else. Trading the last form of capitalism....I wonder when they will bring that new currency the Amero or ???They are doing a good job telling people they are helping them with the same free trade and globalization policies that got us here in the first place....

If you want you standard of living back and higher wages, you better tell your politicians manufacture only in America. Install Batra's wage law..the lowest guy makes no more than 10 % of the top guy. So old Sandy Weil who made 1 Billion dollars in 1994 at Travelers ( I don't think Sandy ever traded once) would have to pay his lowest workers..10%.

IF you think this is least it benefits the worker. Right now America is in Socialism..they own all the banks...Chavez is the hero.

Think it aint illegal yet

"If you could tell one thing to Atlas what would it be"?

"I'd tell him to shrug"
nice one myptofvu!!

Ayn I wonder what she thinks???

Alan Greenspan that Ayn Rand disciple and a gold standard he went astray...and screwed America....with the blessings of the gov't and Wall Street!!!

Read Greenspans Fraud by Batra. Books that are not in the media nor promoted are the best, however, very few are true sources. One of the worst of the lot is Seigel ( that foolish professor) and the rest of academia. Hey Jeremy, ever traded TF?? Yeah, Buy and hold......all the people that read his book are broke!! What did he call it...Stocks for the long run...only thing long run is death.

India and China, you can keep. Remind me of South America, back in the 1950's!!!

My wife keeps telling me I give too many tips away for free!!! Well I tell here its karma.

Finally, America, the best people in the whole world. Pity they don't understand their gov't is the traitor to the constituiton and all the forefathers and presidents are turning in their grave....Woodrow Wilson, especially since he regretted giving power to bankers. And they past that Fed bill on Dec 24 eve on Jeykll Island!! Wonder why?

Finally, the only thing you should remember out of all my discourse is " keep your wage high" and put it into law. This has not happened since 1980. With higher wages people will make a living and the country will prosper through demand. This notion of business creating all BS. They only create false wealth and line their pockets...only a few. If masses of people have money, then they create demand and business will be created. The old dies and the new arrives. Bail out middle and poor America and you will always have demand, but not "Control."

Asset inflation and borrowing through ATM and credit cardes not rich..its debt that has been the de rigeur, thanks to Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thacter and onwards with their BS economics.

You should not care about the stock market...the biggest scam and greater fool theory. What you should care about is having a high wage so as to save money every month for the next 50 years. Trust me if your wages went up every year ( wage increase does not cause inflation...this all BS) and you saved 10-20% every would have enough money to live on when you retire. No need for the stock market.

If you do trade/ it in commodities. It's tangible...stocks are paper...fools fools gold. Commodities will never go to zero, stocks will. Citigroup, BAC, Wells Fargo...getting close....stocks for the long run..Seigel must be broke taking his own advice. But I'm sure he never bought any of the stocks he was talking about.

Be prepared.

pips- nice posts. in the circles i run in there are a number of older emigrees from russia and eastern europe who had to learn marxism as their basic schooling. they are outraged.they see everything that marx forcast as coming true in this giving your best tips is a standing joke with my trading buddy that the best way to protect your best stuff is to post it on the internet for free.. no one will believe you will post anything of value for free... case in point.. my trader's dream has been on the net for seven years.. at a non mypivot forum i have shown the setup over 100 times... because it has been in the market so much lately, i reposted and reposted a chart from jane 2008 the past two weeks of where it setup 5 times in two days.telling traders that when it cycles through the market, it REALLY cycles through the when it set up the other day in MDY with every other tool in my tool box i asked traders to show it to me...the only reponse'' ah, could you explain that again?''why teach? to make sure no one is listening!!

Those Eastern Europeans...know it..seen it once seen it all. I think you like to teach..not for money, but passion.

The reason people don't believe you is they spend all their TIME LISTENING TO FOOLS or foolish advice, but they do not know it, till they lost all their money not once but 3 times over.

I believe you were/are and actual roofer. If so I love collar man and a trader..who knows his stuff.

I'm working on getting some sovereign funds and the like, to trade/advise for. After, they have lost Billions of dollars taking Wall Street guru advice they may want to listen.

If this comes to pass...I would like to hire your services. I will not be able to handle it all myself.

You are much more academic (roofer) than I am ( NO pun intended) and would be great for the cause.

Hey the best trader is/was a blue collar worker!!! You are probably close to him.

I do have a question: " Do shingles really last for 30 years."?

pips- no... that is a scam...i tell people the average 30 yr shingle today will last 12 years.. it is a tragedy.. i drive by jobs i did 30 years ago with 15 year shingles.. they are fine... but every single job i did from 1990 on has been replaced or needs replacement...and with what is happening right now, the asphalt shingle may dissapear in 5 years....but enough said,, i am out the door to be up in the sky with my buddies on a big slate roof(i have decided to take the day off and do what i love)
pips-good luck with your endeavors. i like the life of roofer and each you are responsible for your own actions and in each you must master your craft to survive. i like the thing itself.the putting on of shingles.. the putting on of trades... i never aspired to be a roofing contractor pushing paper. i have zero aspirations to be anything but a private trader..i do like to teach.. nothing makes me happier than to see a roofer or trader take what i have shown them and go as far as they want to made an excellent excellent point.people should have a strong enough wage so that if they work hard and save they should have enough to not ever have to think about being in financial markets.. but if they choose to be in financial markets, it should be based on work they did themselves, and not based on what someone tells them.
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