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ES 12-4-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 856
Weekly PP: 858.50
POC: 854.50

5m @ 42.75
covering my long from 863.50
You guys are bring me luck. Another 2, +5.5 on day mostly from fib retracement
Originally posted by VOwater

1st target 58 then 55 then 51

that would be nice VO......the only thing we really know is that they will run out the hour range most for us shorts we want the lows to run...oh crap...I'm stopped again on runners as I type
out at 868.25, plus 4.75, now up 11.75... easy money but it wont last..
this has the same looking setup as yest!
look, so far there bouncing between my 872.50 number and the 861-863 zone but it will break free soon ..with a vengence!!
fwiw it acts like the break will be up.. remember the daily proj at 904.50 was never hit yet!
When you get a chance can someone post their 1 min candle chart? I think my charts are screwed up.
Got it! You know everything here is clicking together so well. This has been life changing for me. Kool, VO, and everyone who contributes here...forget the beer I owe you a keg!
Kool based on a 10:04 high and a 10:24 high are you looking for a cycle low in the 11:04 time frame. You get about 11:00 when using the 10:25 & 10:36 highs. Do I have it right? Yes or no will do for now
i sucked today - missed alot of moves but at least i was up