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ES 12-4-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 856
Weekly PP: 858.50
POC: 854.50

5m @ 42.75
s @ 68
see those volume spikes at 69 - 71 area at some point that will become the new magnet and key price zone to watch......theory will state that it will probably end up being on one side of the VA today.......price and time equals value!
1st 58
1 off @ 64
Sorry Bruce, walked away for a moment and yes I was answering Vo.
stop to 67.50
no problem Margie..thanks and nice trade VO....a beauty
close below 62.75 and were home free
Good trade there VO!
2nd 54.75 and then 50ish
i sucked today - missed alot of moves but at least i was up