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ES 12-8-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 856.25
Weekly PP: 861
Monthly PP: 881
POC: 829.75

R1: 895.75
R2: 918.75

60m: 933, 980.50
15m: 910, 914.50, 922
1 off 16.25
i bet we pull back tomorrow- after today and friday powerful moves
well they got me but slipped me a tick in my favor
Originally posted by koolblue

out 915.25 plus 1.25 on each 37 and done for today

Great Job Kool!!!
someone asked about the daily...and the answer is yes, which means 71.50 is 1st target
well this is shaping up to be another plus 800 closing tick day ill bet! Dont forget the last good decline from 897.50 to 817 came after 3 days in a row with high ticks
this is what has my attention for buying puts

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Originally posted by koolblue

out 915.25 plus 1.25 on each 37 and done for today

Excellent trading today koolblue !
question is does the channel hold it?
looks like it wants to rollover but who knows
How true Kool..the way I look at is if the market only trends 30 % of the time ( and that's probably generous) then we need to make most of our money on counter trend trades unless you are the type who can take many losses and win on the trending 30 % of the time...I can't
Originally posted by koolblue

you know what i really love? A 300 point up day in the dow and most of us made most of our money SHORTING the market. FRIDAY TOO you know your doing something right when you can do that! Congrats to all.. c ya tomorrow!

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