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ES 12-8-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 856.25
Weekly PP: 861
Monthly PP: 881
POC: 829.75

R1: 895.75
R2: 918.75

60m: 933, 980.50
15m: 910, 914.50, 922
ALSO MYPTO, the congress votes on the automakers today if memory serves.
I have the shorts from 904.25 and 910.50....this is my next key zone.....and I'm obviously not enjoying this campaign
WERE SURE NOT GOING UP CAUSE OF FRI. unemployment numbers! LOL
Possible Double top at 911.25
volume contracted on the down swing and expanded on the a little unsure what it wants currently

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hoping they will at least test the hour high again to clean up some of this
Well,Bruce 911 was of course one of my numbers but good for only 3 handles so far!
Ill tell ya what they want , VO! 922 minimum. matches the avg range if 867 holds as our low
if I wasn't such a fader it seems that on most days it would be easier to try and trade from one volume node to the next.....with any luck they'll try and get those stops sitting below the 901 number
just noticed the range fri was 43.50 and added to 867.50 gives... holy crap!
How true Kool..the way I look at is if the market only trends 30 % of the time ( and that's probably generous) then we need to make most of our money on counter trend trades unless you are the type who can take many losses and win on the trending 30 % of the time...I can't
Originally posted by koolblue

you know what i really love? A 300 point up day in the dow and most of us made most of our money SHORTING the market. FRIDAY TOO you know your doing something right when you can do that! Congrats to all.. c ya tomorrow!

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