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ES 12-12-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 82.75
POC: 97.75

Currently in bearish pattern, if it plays out should send us back to low 30's
jack be sure and post when get tells you that wave 5 has started please
I hear ya man..perhaps we had different reasons but that is the true power of posting ideas here...
Originally posted by koolblue

see what were doing? it HAD to get back down to the 860 level!

first objective 859.00, then later today, 851.25
GREAT TRADING BRUCE!!! you my friend are my hero!
And before anyone laughs too hard ,,remember i gave you the 828 number at 45:40 yesterday with the market at 877!
THANKS JACK! great look at your chart...that is what I supected that it is going back a few days
ill be selling 867-8
This should be Wave we are now in. The same direction as the Wave 3 down move with 4 a correction.
We are in Wave 5.
Now on the last 2 pages ive laid out my opinion on the longer term . but remember!... i just lost 600 bucks this week on gold! ROFL!
Originally posted by JackS65

S&P just hit MOB NAS very close. These tools are unbelievable. Each night I pick one of the tools provided with AdvGet & practice.

its not the tools my friend but the fib numbers they project and the ratios they derive...geometric relationships and how they exhibit harmonic relationships between price and time...mindblowing stuff thats for sure