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ES 12-12-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 82.75
POC: 97.75

Currently in bearish pattern, if it plays out should send us back to low 30's
I have VISTA bruceJ but I dont really "know" it
theres our 61.8% retest of 72H would like to see 78.6 or 88.6
Well evreything works on my XP but have issues with Vista
gm ppl
s @ 67
1 off 65.50
flat 64.25
s 66.25 with that TICK spike..trying for the 60 again..nice traidng VO...
obvious concern is that they tested the 60 - 58 again...only so many times they'll do it
paired some at 63.75....I think this target going to fail and lunchtime
Originally posted by JackS65

S&P just hit MOB NAS very close. These tools are unbelievable. Each night I pick one of the tools provided with AdvGet & practice.

its not the tools my friend but the fib numbers they project and the ratios they derive...geometric relationships and how they exhibit harmonic relationships between price and time...mindblowing stuff thats for sure
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