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ES 12-12-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 82.75
POC: 97.75

Currently in bearish pattern, if it plays out should send us back to low 30's
Originally posted by koolblue

i think it wants 872

The move up to 880.00 was into the MOB prog. from earlier.
here is what ill be working from per my other post because we took out the 72 can also see where I got those targets from the abc...of course if we take out the 80 H, then we have to what id like again is a failed new high to start a wave 3

Click image for original size
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GREAT CHART VO, and i couldnt agree more... i think this 880-881 level is important.
thanks jack...would you be kind enuff to take snapshot and post...the only way this whole move is a 4 wave (5m) is to be going back to 12/8, but thats one hell of a messy 2 help
I think adv get auto plots the wave counts dont they?
i believe so
I think they do...would love to have software to do that for me
today,it is critical for bulls that we close above the 856 line in the sand number that i gave yesterday
Yes it does. It is constatly updating itself.
Originally posted by JackS65

S&P just hit MOB NAS very close. These tools are unbelievable. Each night I pick one of the tools provided with AdvGet & practice.

its not the tools my friend but the fib numbers they project and the ratios they derive...geometric relationships and how they exhibit harmonic relationships between price and time...mindblowing stuff thats for sure