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ES 12-22-08

buying first higher high close assuming we dont take out pivot L
feng what size stop you using today...if any?
2 :)
2 sounds right...GL
looking to buy
big divergence down here between ES and YM....ES broke fridays low but YM not following so far...76.50 - 78.50 is magnet zone if we could find a long down here into the 71 - 73 zone...low volume has let lots of TRiple matches on upside form
l @ 68.75
will add 63ish if need be
Show 11:45 mini cycle lo
874.25 is the Horizontal line off the 30 minute chart.

Click image for original size
161.8 Projection to 874.00<br><br>30 Minute horizontal line at 874.25

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Channel & Horizontal Line at 874.25