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ES 12-24-08

GM Traders

daily pp: 864
POC: 863.75

60m: 905 / 849.75, 830.50

globex gap = 859.75
5 min boll is 863.00, out at 863.25,plus 2 up 12.5

Click image for original size
ABC from 865.50 high
when a proj is exceeded PDQ, go to the next larger timeframe to see why! 5 min proj is lower!
5 min avg is 861.40 and slowly rising
yup , you got it P.T.! great chart! wish i had held longer!
Ah yes - thank you much! That is a very helpful bit of info...
this is where i should have bailed a minimum!
i guess im too conservative in my old age, but thats also why i have a high win percentage.. could and should make more tho , i guess!
5 min avg is now 861.48!
Pt, I notice that you project from the re-trace level instead of the point of origin....How do you decide which to use?.......Or, is this simply used instead of going to a higher time frame?
Thanks Kool....Speaking of Santa, I need to run....Thanks for all the great information and everyone have a great Christmas!
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