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ES 12-24-08

GM Traders

daily pp: 864
POC: 863.75

60m: 905 / 849.75, 830.50

globex gap = 859.75
THE DOWNSIDE PROJ IM WORKING OFF OF COMES FROM THE HOURLY CHART 846-848 i think its posted in yesterdays charts topic
flat 62.75
my indicators are nuetral but rising so like VO, i have to give the upside the nod for now.
also cycles on the hourly and 15 min would seem to indicate upside throughout todays session...hope all this helps!
Thanks Kool - Yes, I also show 846.00 on the hourly chart. I'm still trying to get the short-term swings down pat. According to the chart you just posted, it looks like I'm incorrect in using the 15 minute low at 8:00 this morning to project the 863.25 high on the 9:45 A.M. bar.
EIA crude in 3 min
i keep the deadly in mind , but mostly ill trade off of the 1 min projections...either way
Ah yes, the time factor needs to be mastered too! Thanks
if they can get it over 63.50 then 66 should come fairly easy
im looking to buy but not clear where ..possibly around 861.. both the 15 min avgs are 859.75-860.12 so i have some support there for a fairly tight stop..
Thanks Kool....Speaking of Santa, I need to run....Thanks for all the great information and everyone have a great Christmas!