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ES 12-26-08

Good morning all! just sold [email protected] the 15 min deadly projection of 868.50; Lets keep in mind however that there is an outstanding hourly projection of 871.25 yet to be fullfilled.
Yeap, it looks easy from your guys...
may take a while tho, have to relieve the short term oversold condition and cycles dont bottom for quite a while
1 min avg is 869.00 and 5 min boll is 869.50
Dam! tried to sell at 869.50 no luck yet!
Not always easy, Molly ,but it is fun!(and profitable)
Vo, you're awful quiet... hung over?
KB, I agree to some extents... it is fun if I win... :)
slow day
lol no koolio just waiting for a setup
ORDER TO SELL 869.50 CANCELLED...TOO LATE... still buying 865 area tho!
Here is something to look at...

Using Kool's cycle method plus a fib fan+retracement
we get a possible price lineup coming next week. This indicates that there could be a possible big move ie straddle might be a good idea to look into... But Kools cycle is showing a mini'low' so maybe this move would be biased to the upside and there is also an abc pattern before this still not negated...
This is something I just came across, throw some ideas out there what you think about it?

Click image for original size
2008 12 26 toschartsfibfanretracementpluscycletechniqueliningup

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