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ES 12-26-08

Good morning all! just sold [email protected] the 15 min deadly projection of 868.50; Lets keep in mind however that there is an outstanding hourly projection of 871.25 yet to be fullfilled.
good! back below the averages! come on 868!
covered one short at 870.00 cause im old, consevative, and 1.25 now down 2.75 on the day... holding the other for 868.25 hope fully!
Im hopefully going to jump out sometime before the open as i hate trading the first couple of min.'s of the pit open!
5 min avg(54 exp m a ) is currently at 868.00 .. if we cant break that 869.50 support level by 9:15 or so ill probably give up
Kool - don't those projections go to 65.75 instead of 55.75? Also, I was trying to do some schooling but a lot of your charts on the first few pages are missing from your archived analysis of time cycles on the MyPivots site.
yes , Prest.. 865.75 sorry! trying to post and trade i often make typos like that! sorry , and thx for the correction
thanks kb !

unless they take out 871.75 then we can go with 865.75

MP players will be defending the VAH and POC
covered my other half at 870.00 again! going to watch the open.. plus 1 .25 on that half now down 1.5 on the session...
im guessing there is an air pocket waiting below 869.00
Here is something to look at...

Using Kool's cycle method plus a fib fan+retracement
we get a possible price lineup coming next week. This indicates that there could be a possible big move ie straddle might be a good idea to look into... But Kools cycle is showing a mini'low' so maybe this move would be biased to the upside and there is also an abc pattern before this still not negated...
This is something I just came across, throw some ideas out there what you think about it?

Click image for original size
2008 12 26 toschartsfibfanretracementpluscycletechniqueliningup

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