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ES 12-29-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 867.75
Weekly PP: 871
POC: 867.50

60m: 877.50, 905 / 849.75

globex gaps: 862.75, 861.75, 861.50
einstein it doesnt matter about what tick chart it is the numbers still the same from the db
well, im done for the day at plus 16.75... see everyone tomorrow!
einstein here it is on a 610T...I just had it on another chart (144T) so my chart wasnt so messy

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lol @ VO, yeah they would be a dream if they didn't come off as such slackers. If I call ater pit hours I usually get someone on the phone who may as well be the janitor no kidding. I really have grown to like their platform though.
koolio ill be sending you an email tonight!
anyone playing roulette here with the final 30 chop fest?
their DOM has alot to be desired imho pop
ok VO!
just touched the 1.618 off 5 min 123
Originally posted by VOwater

their DOM has alot to be desired imho pop

what's missing on it? i trade directly from the charts which is very nice, sometimes a little too nice - when putting in orders is that lucid i sometimes jump in a little too soon.

p.s. i don't use the "advanced strategy" orders, they are completely client side and not reliable enough in my experience.
just noticed it is up 6.66%! evil number
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