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ES 12-30-08

what is Adv get???
5th wave target hit THIS IS THE CORRECT CHART

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we hit daily 50sma
hmmmm jack...I dont know where on the chart to look, is it the magenta/cyan bar @ 85?
VO, how often do you trade Globex?
thx for that chart- another question regarding projection. since the abc you just charted is more recent than the earlier abc in the 15 min chart, is it correct to presume that the more recent abc is the more accurate projection?
jack what is adv get??
Margie damn near everyday....einstein you always care about the next larger "degree" or smaller "degree" for that matter. the 15m is still valid for time players, but you need to be aware of what your 5m and 30m (for instance) are doing. you dont know what cycle is the cycle its working on if that makes sense
Gotta run, c ya tomorrow!
Einstein what I said is valid, but I think this is what your asking. What abc do you use? You use both - for the same dont know what cycle its working off of.

Click image for original size
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Thanks for the welcome VO. You are a great asset to the forum. Thank you for all your input and advice.
Are you using a combination of both at all times? ie time and price? It is quite a bit to look at.Thanks once again
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