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ES 12-30-08

GM Kool you are doing a great job teaching much appreciated
My vote for the most unusual(exciting) time was the near meltdown of the safest market ever invented by modern man! the money markets . WOW, talk about having one foot over the cliff of a complete financial meltdown! this year has certainly had a bunch of completely historic happenings!
Good morning all
im currently short from right around these levels from a while ago , looking for the 872.50 area..good morning Rburns, Einstein!
Good morning. Have a happy new year. Already up 3.5 points from the London opening. Made 5 points on the Mini Nasdaq.

Let's see what's up or down today. Maybe 1 trade and call it quits for today. Then watch the race from the sidelines.
GM Traders

Daily PP: 865.75
POC: 858.75
R1: 878.25
R2: 886

60m: 901 / 62.50, 49.75

globex gaps: 870.50
Kool is your short based on the fact that 878 was a 423.6% projection from yesterdays lows?
Strange indeed. Yesterday was. After breaking below S3, made a buy order at 855 target 10 points, stop at 850. Went to sleep. The trade was fulfilled when I woke up to check at market close.
sort of .EINSTEIN.. actually cause when i got home this morning wed already hit the 878 area. I really want to be a seller of the 878-885 zone today ..still think the kiss of death scenerio is a real possibility! (and lower prices are coming in the next few weeks!)
just covered at 874.25,the 15 min avg cause i want a better one on each(2 es)..up 2 on the day
Thanks for the welcome VO. You are a great asset to the forum. Thank you for all your input and advice.
Are you using a combination of both at all times? ie time and price? It is quite a bit to look at.Thanks once again
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