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ES 12-30-08

GM all!
STILL THINK WE TEST THAT 872.50 NUMBER, BUT LIKE VO, im also watching for a move to the hourly proj of 862!(if 879.50 isnt touched first!)
Morning sunshine!
and as is usually the case ,i wish i still had my short ,looking for 872.50!
could you show how u came up with the 75.5 great call by the way
when i got home at 6:30 i saw the proj ection from 879.50 to 873.00 as a real possibility, also the market was still way above the spx close and i thought we'd likely open much closer to it (more on that later) and we were at 875.75 so i just jumped in ... no real projection at 875.50! i got a little decline to 872.50 then had to endure a rebound back up to 876.50 before the expected retest at the 15 min ma... im actually expecting lower this morning before a rebound
see how we just penetrated the previous low of 872.50? thats your first clue that the 60 min projection might be in play here!
s @ 72
darkest cloud cover i have ever seen
Thanks for the welcome VO. You are a great asset to the forum. Thank you for all your input and advice.
Are you using a combination of both at all times? ie time and price? It is quite a bit to look at.Thanks once again
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