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Mini I.B.

Set-up is VERY simple take the first 1/2 hour of RTH and if price trades above buy, and if it goes below sell short.

For mini Russell 2000 use targets of 2 points and a stop of 2 points.

For mini S&P500 use targets of 2.5 points and a stop of 2.5 points.

So far this March the ES has triggered 4 profits and 2 lossers or a gain of +$896.00 trading 4 contracts. It tends to perform better over a longer period. But the TF continues to outperform the ES month after month.
And trading 4 contracts in the past month would have yielded +$3150.00 on the ES

The TF on the other hand trading in the past month has yeilded +$6400.00 via trading 4 contracts

*these are actual results that counted my slippage but not comm.

Thanks for the idea. It sounds intriguing. I will back test it on the Bonds (ZB), wheat and soybeans markets.

Gut feeling wise, do you think this strategy would work on all markets?

I have tested it on the Russell 2k for almost a year and it works very well, and have tested it in times of low $vix and volume and it works well then too. I don't follow any other markets other than the US index's futures. I don't even have data feed for anything other than ES, NQ, and

But please post your findings here I would like to know how it does in beans.
Originally posted by CharterJoe

I have tested it on the Russell 2k for almost a year and it works very well, and have tested it in times of low $vix and volume and it works well then too. ...."

Very interesting observation Joe.
Have you also observed which type of MP days they perform well?
A while back I came across a site ( SP bankbook) that basically had you go long at the close of 8:30 central. Above open long below short and you hang on till close. With position sizing they had over 6,500% in 9/10 months...however the they took the record off and the course, since probably the second half of last year the strategy was not working as well and they changed the rules.

I never followed this strategy but I assume it does have its merits and maybe works better when the trend is up and opposed to not know.

.....close of 30 min bar, and hang on till 3:15 cst.

Your post doesn't make any since who are you talking too? What evidence are you presenting? Any system needs more than one day to determine if its worthy...Perhaps you can post exactly what your talking about? My account record doesn't say I am wrong, what says your balance? One thing that marks a great trader (or even profitable for that matter)is one willing to preserver through downturns and obstacles not someone who rolls over the first time they take a hit or see red like yourself, maybe trading is not for you...As Dalton says "the pioneers are the ones with the arrows in there back" If your looking for something 100% go work at Buger King LOL
5B; was a loss of 6 points or -$1200.00

30B; was a loss of 2.5 points or -$500.00

both combined a loss of -$1700.00

For yesterday 3/10/2009

One thing I noticed was that 1) the 5B was larger than any other day this year. 2) all the bars on the one min bar were full red bodies.

I would have rather seen a "V" or an "inverted V" on the 1-min....I'll talk more about that latter.
For 03/12/2009

5B generated a short below the low of the first 5 min bar of the S&P5oo e-mini RTH +700.00 (with 4 contracts)
For 3/12/2009

30B generated a long above the high of the first 30min bar of the S&P5oo e-mini RTH +500.00 (with 4 contracts)

Both combined +$1,200.00 for today


I will spend time this weekend crunching the numbers on the other markets and post them here. I have a "regular" full time job and so that has me tied up at the moment.
(duplicate post in "Mini I.B. vs 7am-9am Breakout" thread)

I have been a member of mypivots for a little over a year now, using the posts as a springboard for learning about the futures and currency markets – I’ve really appreciated the research and insight of so many of the contributors.

I’m now at the point where I’d like to begin systematically back testing one or two strategies for potential trading. I like the concept of breakouts (just finished Fisher, currently reading Crabel) – this thread and Charter Joe's 7am-9am GBP/USD Breakout thread are especially interesting in this regard.

I’d appreciate some advice from the folks here. The IB and 7-9 threads are now over a year old: do both concepts still perform reasonably well in live trading? If so, which of these would you recommend that I begin my back testing with:

1. The 30B
2. The 5B
3. The 7-9 currency breakout

I have a full time job so I need a scheduled window of time to trade in. I plan to trade single lots, primarily intraday. I am methodical by nature and prefer smaller, steady gains to wild gains… and wild losses.

Any thoughts gratefully received! Thanks.

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