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Anybody selling 789 - 790 ?

c'mon and join my drawdown.......interesting overnight....what's all this about? they have to test 80.50 for me
anyone else think the buying is running out of steam or am I the only one getting faked out up here...? so far not much interest outside of last weeks highs....
what's nice about watching these vertical volume spikes is that we can confirm interest in an we have R2 at 794.50 so when we see the high volume spikes we "know" some bigger trades or traders are intereted in the area
I took the morning off, what price are you short Bruce? I am short at 796 for a bit longer term targeting 760, stop? who knows. The most annoying thing about this is that I have been getting sell signals since last mon.
Short the NQ 1227 stop is at 1228.5
Covered half of NQ @ 1225 SL on rest at flat.
Looks like that NQ 1225 (sq 9) gave it a nice lift.
Avg 802.75 I'll add some more @ 813 If we can reach it today. I have got divergence's all over the place, acting like a bull market LOL
Shorted some more @ 812...12 cons avg 807.37 I wish I would have waited. Everyone knows afternoon rallies on trend days
I have 815.75 as a high volume area
I have 811.50

then 802 - 805 is a biggie for me and then the 794 - 96 and then 85 - 87.50.....we need to be careful assigning too much volume significance near the 4 PM close of the cash........but still a good reference point in general..I won't be surprised to see the 802 retest tomorrow....or in the overnight
No NK, It stalled to long for my liking so I bailed wends for 25 points instead. The market was a lot stronger than I thought it was, I was lucky to get that I was down 7k...
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