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Anybody selling 789 - 790 ?

c'mon and join my drawdown.......interesting overnight....what's all this about? they have to test 80.50 for me
anyone see how the VWAP came in right at the 94 - 96 high volume zone..........good place to exit on shorts but I missed the entire afternoon rally
Originally posted by BruceM

but I missed the entire afternoon rally

The great thing about the ES is there is always another opportunity tomorrow. I'll get my money back and then some, down turns motivate me to trade more aggressive.
double tpo's on the lows and the highest volume bar is at the the 12 - 14 area...rejection on this mini rally up will run out those tpo's at the lows....
only problem with this is that the YM is trying to lead down......always a harder sell for me when YM is leading
fun day for me; watching the market run while on the phone trying
to solve an insurance issue. SOH
always bucking the trend....shorted 19.25 and 21.75..trying to get the "air" below 16.50...tough day so far for me...this is second try at shorts
intra day volume profile shows the "p" pattern so far which I'm hoping allows us to make new lows today....and the gap fill and an outside bar to the downside........that is expecting a lot of selling and a lot of work for the market to do
ym is only one ( out of ES and NQ) trying to hold yesterdays highs......not counting on YM strength to pull all markets up from here too far...breaking those highs to he downside should help speed up any down move
the single print buyers are trying to take control....interesting time of day for them to try that move I think
Covered 1/2 of the ES from [email protected] 793.5 +25 on those. SL on rest @ 803, that while still be a nice profit. WHEW that was a tough trade glad it finally moved :)

Picked up some NQ @ 1208
No NK, It stalled to long for my liking so I bailed wends for 25 points instead. The market was a lot stronger than I thought it was, I was lucky to get that I was down 7k...
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