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Anybody selling 789 - 790 ?

c'mon and join my drawdown.......interesting overnight....what's all this about? they have to test 80.50 for me
Another good div on the NQ, forcasted that last top @ 1278.50
fwiw on the NQ there is a triple tpo sitting on the bottom, on the .50 MP I was hoping to see an excess selling tail on this last run, I don't think we'll see weakness till then.
it just seems that somebody is gearing up for a big down move but I can't catch it today.......I just can't buy into these types of moves......lots of work to break yesterdays highs..personally I'd like to see the futures in the overnight clean up all these ledges and double prints on the downside........but the logical side tells me that we can't deny the Monday buyers and those who defended the same area on Thursdays selloff////////
Ticks close +1333, maybe we will get a pullback friday???
NQ div into the close that has in the past been good for downward pressure until about 9pm LOL I am short and defending my position...I hate holding overnight I never get any sleep
that would be cool Joe.........I wonder if Kool tested this out in up markets too? I know it was working well during the past 6 - 9 month decline but I;m wondering how well it works in Up trends..........I'm not saying we are in an uptrend market but I;m curious....KOOL r u out there ?

The most frustrating day I've had in a while....I just didn't have I was forcing the trades
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Ticks close +1333, maybe we will get a pullback friday???

I covered ES short at plus 10. When the NQ's broke the IB, I hate watching a winner go away.

Are you still holding out for 760?
No NK, It stalled to long for my liking so I bailed wends for 25 points instead. The market was a lot stronger than I thought it was, I was lucky to get that I was down 7k...