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I came across a website called, run by someone named John Paul who seems to have a pretty good system....
He just trades first half of the day, and uses no indicators and posts a lot of his actual trades on YouTube.
Has anyone here heard of him or have any experience with it?
hehe, come on Rogert...just post some statements!
Roger, I knew I recognized your screen name. Here is what you said (on 5/27/10) in quotes in another thread about EminiJunkie in this forum:

"Thanks for the info, I'm also looking for an ES program that WORKS..."

You actually thanked me for giving a review on EminiJunkie, but I am confused, if you are totally trading and profitable with DayTradeToWin then why are you searching for another method?

This is what you typed in this thread:

"I agree with you traderxyz.. I've been with them for about 8 months now and am able to make my 2 to 4 points on most mornings and be done by noon. This is one of the few courses that I've tried that actually lives up to its expectations."

8 months at 2-4 pts most mornings would give you an average of 3 points per day, at 20 days per months, that would give you about $24,000.00 trading with one contract, WOW!
Nothing much else to say except that all this week have been winners with the ATO method. I have also contacted 3 different references for John Paul's mentorship program because I'm interested in it and they all have amazing things to say. Backtest the method or contact daytradetowin for these references, this is all verifyable.

Still making my winners in the morning and sipping on my lemonade
well with the 3 point win vs 5 point loss, remember five wins is offset by three losses, jp is cool enough but even in the diagrams I notice that he posts charts that would have stopped out so I thank him for what I have learned but if you can find a pattern and it seems to be working, give it a shot in simulation, if success is high, try it for real, if not, rethink it. I'm going to try the 3 target 3 stop that I read of and I think that in simulation I am also going to pay attention when it drops like a rock three or four times in a row that it doesn't mean that it has broken the ceiling and will rocket skyward for two points. The terms will be helpful and I thank JP but hits don't feel often enough right now to try to dive further into it.