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I came across a website called, run by someone named John Paul who seems to have a pretty good system....
He just trades first half of the day, and uses no indicators and posts a lot of his actual trades on YouTube.
Has anyone here heard of him or have any experience with it?
It is no secret that he plays the breakout of and/or fade back to the 20 min morning range. This was revealed in the 6th post in this topic. I asked John Paul for historical backtesting and he danced around the topic. He recently changed the format of his website and does not show the trades anymore. I guess too many people reverse engineered it. I must admit I was impressed with his Win Ratio even though the Risk:Reward ratio is poor. This method is almost 100% mechanical. I dont know if that is considered trading or not. I think it is successful because the more common morning breakout times are 30 and 60 minutes. At 20 minutes there should be enough volatility to get 2 points then go break even.

I recently saw a similar product for sale but for the YM. I figured it was JP :-)

Don't take it personally. I congratulated you on your recent month. Just remember; this is a boy's club mentality and many of us have won and lost fortunes in this 'game.'

So we are an ornery group!!


I agree with lizzet, This system is better than most out there. I too was attracted to the system becasue it uses no indicators. I havent used indicators in my own trading in more than five years. I know some can get them to work, but I am a simple man and trading price is the simplest and purest way to trade. BTW, The system had another winning trade today. Also, if you cant handle the negitive risk/reward ratio than think outside the box a bit. I have been going for 2-3 handles with a 3 handle stop(jsut something Im playing with). BTW, July was a loosing month but not by much. Who doesnt have a loosing month here and there?
Another nice winning trade today. I took 3 handles withn a 3 handle stop
i see posts back and forth on this topic. so i'll weigh in , in an effort to help the "scalping of the innocent". if you read posts by trader x. a popular blogger, nad some articles and manuals by lbr. as well as posts on this forum. you'll save the $500+ that you pay for "the system". the only details missing are the stops and a few well chosen charts. when i first got the "system". i noticed that it did not perform as expected since, from time to time, the market will go through the levels so fast that if you chase it, you may enter right at the end of th emove. it can also move a few ticks in your favor and reverse, not to mention the times when it just loses.
you get a feeling of structure because you are waiting for 20 to 30 minutes before entering any trades. after several days of observing the "system" i began to email the seller and, suggested that he do a videotape of how he enters the markets since i was finding out that it was not living to its expectations. he never did address that request.

you will have some winning trades but overall i tend to agree with the posts. save the money, you already know the "system" and use it as another guidepost.

i learned about this vendor from tim burquin of traders interviews. somebody should tell him that maybe he should ask some results from the people he interviews. i once put that same question to jack schwagger,the aothor of the "wizzards" books and he told me their results had been audited, before he interviewed them. burquin on the other hand, is scooping anyone he can find. including this vendor.

i accept full resposibility for this loss. read about the "system" here . and don't pay a penny. he's not selling anything new. hope it helps someone.
Took 3 handles again today. This is my tardes with this sytem so far this week
rainman99: That makes you net +1 pt this week right?
Daytrading, thats right. I will do a weekly wrap up every friday on how the system is doing. Take into account that I trade a modified version of what he is teaching. I wont risk 5 pts to make 2. I risk 3 to make 3. Here are the rules Im using..
1.If trade goes in the money by 2 points I set stop at B/E
2.If trade goes in the money by more than 2 points I lock in 1 point profit
That sounds like a good strategy if you get your target more often than your modified stop gets hit. Have you ever look at the frequency of that?
Im going to have a programmer run a back test using ninja script. I will post results when there done. It might be a few months before I get results because Im having him work on a few other systems first.
well with the 3 point win vs 5 point loss, remember five wins is offset by three losses, jp is cool enough but even in the diagrams I notice that he posts charts that would have stopped out so I thank him for what I have learned but if you can find a pattern and it seems to be working, give it a shot in simulation, if success is high, try it for real, if not, rethink it. I'm going to try the 3 target 3 stop that I read of and I think that in simulation I am also going to pay attention when it drops like a rock three or four times in a row that it doesn't mean that it has broken the ceiling and will rocket skyward for two points. The terms will be helpful and I thank JP but hits don't feel often enough right now to try to dive further into it.