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I came across a website called, run by someone named John Paul who seems to have a pretty good system....
He just trades first half of the day, and uses no indicators and posts a lot of his actual trades on YouTube.
Has anyone here heard of him or have any experience with it?
Hey everyone, I'm new here, just lost my job 2 months ago, I'm 43 years old and have 2 children. I'm very interested in learning to day trade and save my house. Can anyone steer me toward a program or school that's not a scam? I really need to make some money rather quickly before it gets any worse. Thanks for your input in advance.
T-tree4me Day trading is no quick rich scheme. Those who teach seldom trade. Please remember only Trade with the money you can afford to lose.
I've set a little money away and I'm willing to learn what is needed. I don't expect to get rich quick. I dont even expect to get rich. I just want to learn how to take car of my family comfotably. AsI first said, I'm looking for a program or training school that is legit. I'm taking a lead on David Marsh. Any input?
T-tree, I think there is a big thread on David Marsh. I don't think there is a whole lot good said about him but you need to remember that most people will never trade profitably even if they are given a winning system. Think about that statement for a while and then pick yourself up a copy of Reminiscences of a stock operator by Edwin Lefevre. There are also a lot of free systems floating around this site you could take a look at. Right now I am testing Paul's 2-1 system (Follow along in that thread if you like)

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Thank you very much, I will.
I bought this Product. I would say don't purchase this product to educate yourself. The method used is very simple and you could probably find it free on the net. I managed to get my money back. I would say if your so incline to do this You will need at least $50,000 - $100,000 to do this method to out last the draw downs. I challenged the guy to the validity of the system as the average new trader feels comfortable trading with $5-$10,000. This would only allow you to trade one contract based on his money management ratio's. Oh he doesn't tell you you need to have $5,000/ contract to trade his system!!!. He should tell people up front this requirement. If you check back this year in Feb, Mar, Apr. The average investor would have blown their account. He ignores the overall trend for the day, which I think adds to the overall heavy 5 point draw downs. I don't think you should place a trade and ignore this. If you check his record quite a few losses are because he went against the overall trend for the day. He wins every month and on 10 contracts the average is approx $13,000/ month. But some months the drawn downs to get to that profit would cause you a problem.
I didn't think he was forthright in telling people to trade his method you are going to need a lot of cash per contract due to the large draw downs. If you have it, this could work.
Thanks so much. I'm really trying to spend this money wisely, but I can see I'm going to have a lot of research before I can make a decision. You guys are a great help with your input and please don't get discouraged!It's really important thatyou help people such as myself who are willing to learn how to trade, but need guidance. Thanks again.
T-tree4me's posts here motivated me to make a post in this thread, started by CharterJoe:

I thought it might interest the readers of this thread.

I have purchased this course (among others).

It is purely mechanical bases on the high and low prices established between xxx am and yyy am each day. Basically you go long if the high of that period is exceeded and short if the low is exceeded. It is extremely simple and can be learned in about an hour.

I have been trading the system live since the beginning of March. I made money March through June, but I will have a loss in July (not done yet) which will be bigger than any of the profitable months.

I do believe the system will be profitable over the long term, but just barley. It does not fit my personal trading style. I am unhappy with the system for the following reasons.

1. As noted in a previous post, the profit goal is 2 points on 1/2 of the position, and 4 points on the remaining half. The stop is 5 points on the whole position. Therefore, it takes about two winning trades to make up for every loss.

2. Trades can last a long time. Its no fun watching a trade go against you for for hours.

3. My average monthly profit (not including July) is $1,250.00 after commissions trading 2 contracts. This means to make any descent money you have to trade 10 or 20 contracts. I am not willing to take a 5 point loss on this lot size.

The profit charts he shows on his web site are extremely misleading. He calculates the profit by assuming all your contracts off after 2 points on the days when only the 2 point target is made, but get 2 and 4 points on the days when the 4 point target is made. Unfortunately, he doesn't provide a crystal ball to know which days are which.
Hi everybody, after reading all your posts this seems to be another one of those courses from people that dont trade real money. Do you believe JP is trading his system with real money? Can anyone recommend a good daytrading course? The reason I was interested in this course is that its based on price action...
well with the 3 point win vs 5 point loss, remember five wins is offset by three losses, jp is cool enough but even in the diagrams I notice that he posts charts that would have stopped out so I thank him for what I have learned but if you can find a pattern and it seems to be working, give it a shot in simulation, if success is high, try it for real, if not, rethink it. I'm going to try the 3 target 3 stop that I read of and I think that in simulation I am also going to pay attention when it drops like a rock three or four times in a row that it doesn't mean that it has broken the ceiling and will rocket skyward for two points. The terms will be helpful and I thank JP but hits don't feel often enough right now to try to dive further into it.