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I came across a website called, run by someone named John Paul who seems to have a pretty good system....
He just trades first half of the day, and uses no indicators and posts a lot of his actual trades on YouTube.
Has anyone here heard of him or have any experience with it?
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Not me, I'm new too.
Did you get your money back?
Swisstrader, Ask Jimkane they may be a moderator for this site.
@ RPC, thanks I will do that.
I actually wanted to exchange thoughts on various day trading courses with CanukTrader, because I already spent a fortune on day trading courses and 99% of it is crap, so it certainly helps to get an idea first from someone who really bought the course. What I found is that in most forums everything is totally negative, even from people who never bought the course or software but im only interested in the opinions of the actual buyers. Whoever wants to exchange thoughts please email me at capitaltrading3 at gmail dot com
I usually don't post on forums, they seem to be so negative and hard to follow. Everytime i start reading posts they wind up off topic, so lately i haven't bothered. I have purchased the Daytradetowin course and so far it has been very simple to learn and use. August has been profitable for me. I don't know how or why some people make comments so negatively, but for me i can say that it works. I only take 2 points a day as the course reads with 4 contracts. I have tried a few other services, Tod Mitchl and Page Trader without success. I also like the fact that i know in advance where to enter trades. I spent 3 months with page trader and learned nothing, and spent much more thaan the daytradetowin course.
I can not agree with the posts written and as a buyer and user i can say that I actually learned to trade and make money. I had a problem with loading the Tradestation Software as a beginner, and Mr.John Paul contacted me directly. I don't think there would be to many vendors out there that would take the time to directly help me.
This is inconclusive. A one-time poster that references a couple other trading approaches. Mitchell does NOT trade and everyone knows his course is a mish mash of rehashed methods.

I personally know David Williams but do not trade his service (as it has subjectivity and does NOT reveal a single thing about the logic of the method/system (spatial forecasting).

1 month does not make a system honey. You are also dealing with an inverted Reward to Risk ratio that will bite your ass in the end.

Frankly, your post stinks of John Paul or one of his cohorts into the deceptive way to do a 1st post that appears legit.

Finally, I congratulate you on a profitable month; however--get back to us hard-core trading veterans (20+ years) when you have several hundred trades under your belt and market conditions have changed from time to time (as they always do).


Your trading account will not be able to survive the draw downs based on this trading method unless as John Paul says it is properly funded. He says you need $5,000 per contract. to trade. With a 5 point loss to a 2 point (remove half off the table) then 4 point (remove the remaining half) your account would take some serious hits along the way. I noticed in July a 20 contract account only made a $5,000 profit. How many days was he in the red or didn't trigger. I don't think you can ignore the basic trend and jump in the market to get hammered by 5 point losses.
If you can go to the historical performance months which I see now he only has the total profit and removed the trades. You will see at the beginning of the year your account would have exploded or you would have had to refinance. I think you would need approx $100,000 to trade this method on 10 contracts to be successful. This may seem outrageous, but I think to have peace of mind and survive the draw downs you would need that kind of money. Most people don't have that kind of money. Just something Mr. John Paul DaCosta doesn't tell you. Oh you got to ask that's the catch. If you don't ask he doesn't tell you.
Good luck.
My goodness, I guess this is the reason why i don't like to post on Forums. Its just constant rhetoric. I shared my experience on how well I was doing with what i learned using daytradetowin's system and this is how traders respond? and how bad i did with my other purchases. I had a great winning trade tonight, again. That's a fact.
So I don't know what the deal is with you guys, but I am doing great for the first time. I tried to trade with smaller stops, as you suggest but it doesn't work. All those books that say use small stops don't work.
I also wonder why G Smith is 104 years old as his profile states and still not retired. Makes me wonder why he is even posting, or the agendas people have for posting.
I am well capitalized, thank you. I guess you want to trade on margin? If you don't have money to trade, or if you are piss-broke then i can't help you. I don't think daytradetowin is the holy grail, nothing is, but what i have learned is worth much more than most of the crap i bought.
well with the 3 point win vs 5 point loss, remember five wins is offset by three losses, jp is cool enough but even in the diagrams I notice that he posts charts that would have stopped out so I thank him for what I have learned but if you can find a pattern and it seems to be working, give it a shot in simulation, if success is high, try it for real, if not, rethink it. I'm going to try the 3 target 3 stop that I read of and I think that in simulation I am also going to pay attention when it drops like a rock three or four times in a row that it doesn't mean that it has broken the ceiling and will rocket skyward for two points. The terms will be helpful and I thank JP but hits don't feel often enough right now to try to dive further into it.