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any buyers....??

gaps at 21 and 24.50 area as per september ES
nice targets below won't be surprised to see some selling now
working the 15.75 and 16.75..trying for the triples
oopps wrong thread..I'm short at those prices
got 913.75.....lets see if they can go get the triples
Yesterday was pretty boring
I agree...but a neutral day with triples down below made for a good trade....some days we get paid to be other words, patience pays off......sometimes.....!!!
Yep, you have to train yourself to watch the market all day long. I love neutral days to me they are more predictable than even trend days. They always revert to mean. Take Friday for example we were in a range of low vix and in a trading range that started mid afternoon Thursday I had zones all ready and had 80% prob. that it was going to be a "Zzzz" day. Things should move better Monday. I trade the euro at times of extreme no market movement.
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Long @ 911.25

Covered @ 922.5 +11 on those. ES setting up a head and shoulders on the daily unless we can get some trades above the high
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Things should move better Monday.

bingo, with a breakout of the trading box we have been in. We have taken out 2 days highs, and 2 30min closes above the key 917 lets see if we can get a close near the high today....
For the first time since 10am the ES moved back to its VWAP and bounced hard to the daily pivots...that was like money on the street....3points
well said Joe .....!!!