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any buyers....??

gaps at 21 and 24.50 area as per september ES
Originally posted by CharterJoe

Originally posted by CharterJoe

Long @ 911.25

Covered @ 922.5 +11 on those. ES setting up a head and shoulders on the daily unless we can get some trades above the high

Hey, Joe. You held that ES over the weekend? And through that 7.25 GLOBEX low? Wow, nerves of steel. Where was your stop?

I have said before that 80% of the time I don't use stops, only on special occasions where I have a number that the market has hit time and again and a break would mean a change in trend. Instead I enter the markets at the best price I can "a long" from Friday and will stay in until I am no longer bullish...or am skittish as where the market is heading like today. We will either continue higher or complete this head and shoulders on the daily. I have taken hard slams before like all traders but this works for me. I do have hard stops they are for events like 9/11 or T-storm situations they are at 1/3 of the margin used and they so far have never been hit.
I take your not making fun I have had others mad for posting trades, but I am just showing what I am doing to other traders. I try to keep it real but sometimes after taking a 6000 slam I don't fell like posting, but when you make 6000 I feel like telling everyone.... If this bothers any one I could just state how I fell on the market, actual prices are meaningless...because I don't think many here can handle the swings I take and 8points is not that bad, back in Oct I would swing -20 points to +35, I am glad for a break from those days.
Joe... please keep posting your trades... I've "lurked" here for months following your posts. And have Created new systems based on stuff you have publicly experimented with, that have made me good money. Thank you.!

also.... this post proves once and for all one of my trading beliefs.... pain is relevant to the time frame... and the money management system being put in place..... 8 points underwater.... and no big deal... I LOVE IT! your ability to "hold your breath" longer than others... ( based on market and risk perameters )... is one of several reasons you are successfull.....

appreciate all the posts...

think your going to wish you had a stop on Joe! square root method of 957.50-1.382 gives the current daily projection around 873.88!
you've had that number on your radar for a while Kool...perhaps this week.....I have my long blinders on today and think we will put in a low first then the high.....watching 82 - 85 close today....r u still expecting higher prices into July?
yes i am...much higher , but a low first and soon...this week?
cycles have upside pressure all week after today
finally the 870"s! now if they can just get it to the proj(tomorrow?) and TURN!
BY THE WAY,BRUCE, NICE CALL O/N THAT 882 AREA...THAT HELD QUITE A FEW ONSLAUGHTS. where did you get that from? volume or mp?
well said Joe .....!!!
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