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any buyers....??

gaps at 21 and 24.50 area as per september ES
once we broke below the 920 area I believe that the buyers will be tentative at best after breaking down (at least intraday so far) out of the sideways daily channel

one thing I did seem to notice across the business and trading internet sites was a recent increase in bullish talk (espec. surfing this past weekend)FWIW ... has me even more hesitant to be long now. And just a few days ago, I was still somewhat biased to the upside.

Missed the morning short move and am just watching for now.
thanks MM..we have single prints and those I'm trying to get them....I point them out only for volume after that 10:39 break down....
challenge on the long side is that the current 30 minute bar matches the low of the previous this pop up here is suspect
cleaned up the gap at 24.50 in overnight....key prices they will go for today are the 931 and/or the we just need a way to get those...
We have pulled back the same amount point wise as the last pull back. Bought at 910, markets not digging the long side this week, so I am keeping my sights smaller until I see who's going to win this battle. You know with morning ranges being broken with high volume out side of the longest trading range we have had in a long time, its a wonder how you can lose...but then the emotions come in.
good luck Joe....we have the weekly S2 number at the 907 area and I have 900 - 906 as a key area as per we seem to be close to some common numbers and support......I'd prefer to see a down opening tomorrow to look for longs but since you are already long we'll hope for a nice gap up higher that keeps going up...

Did you see how the opening range high held that back today....? amazing..!!
got the 900.50 that gap fill and key number...watching close inside 60 minute range on 30 minute...hopefully
got 905.50..that is peak volume so far today.....runners at B/e
done at 909.75 today...will be watching to see if they can hold above yesterdays low...
ledge below the 907 area
well said Joe .....!!!
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