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any buyers....??

gaps at 21 and 24.50 area as per september ES
lots of volume at those highs...910 in site and possibly the 906 area again..that's a relatively big hour we can expect some chop now..
we are in the air now...this is the point that buyers entered IF buying is to come in then this would be the place......the actual 910 number fills in all the air...
a hint of the failed breakout is the fact that the Nq didn't take out yesterdays highs as Es and YM did AND the $ tick couldn't push above yesterdays highs....I'd like to see them all showing we have to wonder if / when they will push out a 60 minute range......with it being so big I don't know if it's a good enough target to trade for
if we are looking at the sole concept of the markets ability to break the previous days highs or lows then we need to watch the NQ as it is stuck inside it's range of yesterday......if it goes for it's high then the ES should easiy see the 923 area I think....on the flip side if it is going for it;s lows then the ES will go back to 900 today.....just throwing out things fom my brain..not getting into specific trades today as the concepts are more important..

gotta watch yesterdays highs in ES. too...big volume there..air trying to hold up long side...
ideally we need to see a close outside of the 60 minute high....
Summer's here....Just picked up some AA @ 10.84 in my stock account
hey Joe, I have a ?? for you on page 2 on "2 to 1".....basically what does it mean..?
2 to 1 is what I have been calling it. A variation in Paul's 2 to 1 thread, although I am not using a.t.r. Based on some RSI work I had us going down to 906.5 and then getting a bounce. 906.50 was also the VWAP and since we had for the most part of the day been above it, all that remained was a good entry/exit. the 2 to 1 is basically a 5 period MA open and a 5 period MA close when the close is above the open the market is trend up, when the open is on top its trending down. I don't know how long I have been using it but it is killer on a 55, & 144 tick NQ chart in my short time trading it has replaced the SAR in my trading I use it as a trigger and yesterday it didn't trigger a long until 905.5 and not 906.50 and just got lucky on the exit.
Trying ES long @ 902.5
if they can't clear that 04 tehn I'm afraid they want 895 Joe....hope it goes up for ya though
well said Joe .....!!!
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