Skype Trading Room

Are there any traders interested in joining a Skype based trading room?

I primarily trade the ES but also at times trade the TF and forex.

Gets a bit lonely and it would be nice to share what I am seeing and talk to others as the trading day goes on. Room wouldn't be geared to teaching or BS but to trading.
Hi Tom. I would be interested in talking with you about this. I sent you a private message
Thanks to everyone for the PMs. 5 so far. I will start contacting everyone Friday after trading is over. Have to work with my daughter today after trading.
I also would be intersted in exchanging opinions and advises. Could you provide some more details please?
hi I would like to join your skype group

Thank you. David
Good idea, and I am interested. Let me know
Oh I'd like to join as well. My name is Chad, thank you
Would like to join you.
yes i also would like to join
Let's give this a try. Just send me a message and I will start a group.

A note I do trade for a living so when I am in a trade I don't talk much and won't type so everyone needs to contribute a bit.
Yep count me in if you have room
send me the link?