Skype Trading Room

Are there any traders interested in joining a Skype based trading room?

I primarily trade the ES but also at times trade the TF and forex.

Gets a bit lonely and it would be nice to share what I am seeing and talk to others as the trading day goes on. Room wouldn't be geared to teaching or BS but to trading.
I'd be interested.. I trade both ES/TF and would love to hear how others trade.. Much thanks
Hi I'm interested in joining a skype trading room, I trade ES. Please let me know if theres any active ones
people if you want to be added to a skype room you have to leave contact info

I am interested in joining the room.

Hi I would like to join your skype traderoom.
I trade using MarketDelta, Market profile and bid ask delta. Wondering if you guys are taking more people into the room (with similar type traders) As someone stated in this thread trading can get kinda lonely plus I thing sharing strategies should help. Thanks
I also trade with market profile and "zones". Would be very interested to join your room if you are still accepting members. Thanks.
The Skype chat room edmcall is promoting in this thread is nothing more than a front for the trading educational service "Online Trading Academy" ( OTA ). Consider Ed's friendly invitation as that from a salesman using MyPivots as a marketing tool to draw new customer's into the OTA product line. This whole thread belongs in the Trading Advisory Services Forum.
@pt_emini - I've cleaned up this topic and removed Ed's references to that room. Thanks for the heads up.
thanks daytrader ,tom mitchells room has nothing to do with OTA so thanks for cleaning up the thread, we sell or advertize for no one in fact if you do turn my room into a sales room you will be removed
send me the link?