Skype Trading Room

Are there any traders interested in joining a Skype based trading room?

I primarily trade the ES but also at times trade the TF and forex.

Gets a bit lonely and it would be nice to share what I am seeing and talk to others as the trading day goes on. Room wouldn't be geared to teaching or BS but to trading.
Thanks , I haven't looked at my PMs in sometime. Figure anyone thats wanted to get in touch could do so through the skype room. Will change my e-mail. Had to much spam on the other one. stopped reading it
Hi, Count me in also
Why use Skype? It's not the only software out there. mIRC is rated the best and can be had for a one time fee of $20.00. Even I can handle that.
I'm interested. I've got a lot going on at the moment, so would like to have an opportunity to participate in the near future. Please post progress with logistics and requirements as this gets developed. Great idea.
basic info on skype trading room, the room has now been going for about 1 yr, so its doing ok,the type of information posted in the room is basically anything that affects the emini sp, news ect,there are posts on fibb levels, market profile, pivot points, ect,its mostly open format type with traders posting info and trades,we occasionaly do voice conference calls, strictly volentary there is no set schedule for them, we have a couple of guys that trade and post the e mini russell and ym also,due to the limited capacity of the free skype chat rooms, basic rules are that if your a no show or lose interest, or its not for you then regretable you will have to be deleted, just give me a side skype and let me know so i can delete you, therefore those that find it agreeable must post in some kind of way ,if your new to the eminis and can not post, then you must let me know in some kind of way that your out there
Hi, please count me in.
Regards, Ariel
skype me at mike.sue, and ill add you
i have left that room plz do not skype me thank you
Now that the skype room has been going on for some time, I thought I'd see what the feedback is on it so far. And for anyone who thinks I'm on a fishing expedition for negativity - STRIKE THAT FROM YOUR MIND AND NOT LOOKING FOR POSTS LIKE THAT ... PERIOD. I've been online with one to several traders over the years throughout the daily trading sessions. And I'm a fan of that.

Just wanted legitimate feedback and description of the setup and interaction. What have any participants learned ... both seasoned and newbies? What can someone expect as a participant (and participation is part of the requirement, as per the initial setup of the skype)? What have those who have participated and/or are participating experiencing with learning? Also, what kind of results are being encountered (up or down, as there's always a learning curve for newbies) ... but also regular and natural up and down of profitability that's simply the ebb and flow of the market and cycling into sync with it and out and then back in again etc.

Very interested in authentic and legitimate feedback.


Room has split up according to trading styles.

Overall the room served its purpose. Some came and listened some taught some called trades that were real some called trades that were questionable. Some had wins and losses,some never lost at all.

About what you would expect.

The group I am with uses MP,mkt delta and cycles using volume,range and time charts . Enough overlap that we understand each other. Enough difference to keep things interesting. Also we rely on voice.
send me the link?