Skype Trading Room

Are there any traders interested in joining a Skype based trading room?

I primarily trade the ES but also at times trade the TF and forex.

Gets a bit lonely and it would be nice to share what I am seeing and talk to others as the trading day goes on. Room wouldn't be geared to teaching or BS but to trading.
Great recap Tom - thanks for the feedback!
Hallo , Count me in also if its O. K. ....great !
Great idea. I trade full time for living, so will not type much during trading hours. However, will be willing to share pre market and after market.
best skype room i had ever been in, tom a very knowledgable and disciplined trader,the info thrown around in that room just gold, nuthin but respect there folks
Hi, If your still adding people that trade emini please add me
Hi can I join yur skype group? Thanks...arman.
I am also a full-time trader...mostly e-mini...and eu and metals.

I would like to participate in skype chats. If someone could PM me the skype id I would appreciate it.

I can certainly contribute to the discussions as well.

Thanks guys!
Hello, I trade the Emini as well, if you are still adding to the skype trading room... Thanks in advance.
Skype is awesome and trading rooms are interesting... the real-time exchange of news and ideas cant be beat!
I installed Skype and added kungfutrader as a contact... what do I have to do next? Merely wait for my request to be accepted? I'm not too familiar with Skype, which is why I ask.

Is the chat room still functional?
send me the link?