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ES short term trading 5-6-10

Most of these are being generated from the weekly chart..

57.50 - O/N low , yesterdays afternoon rally point

62-64 - LTP in ON, VA low,PP and POCP

70 - all that volume and VA high

75 - 77 air pocket and R1 ...Magnet ******

85 - 87.50 air pocket and r2

94 - 98 combination of LTP's and HTP

****Gap at 66.25 in O/N data so those reading get short up here at 68.50...most still sleeping so you'll miss this one
all I ask is that folks who rarely post don't come on here after the fact and tell us about the great short trade they held all know who u gotta post this stuff in advance or with a damn good explaination
Me too. Bruce. News has made it red all over. Where is the plunge prevention team
cicuit breakers not on after 2:30!!!
Funny 1100 was blown away as if it wasn't there
This is the bottom...
Cant wait to see the next turn point day!!! may10-11th!!!
This byw, is what a capitulation bottom looks like!
Originally posted by koolblue

cicuit breakers not on after 2:30!!!

They waited for 2:30 for that reason..
1115 spx and 1113.25 es are key #s I have from '09
I'm sitting on a big loss for the day..... that run down to 1065 looks more like a crash to me....
I can't even bring up yahoo!finance.

There's too much technical damage done here for the markets to recover in the short term.
Does anyone remember how long it took to recover from the crash of Oct/87 ?
The real cause(?) for the market crash on May 06, 2010...

Read at Reuters..."Exclusive: Waddell is mystery trader in market plunge"
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